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We connect Plastic Producers, Importers and Brand owners to a nationwide network of verified plastic recyclers & processors to ensure a transparent, fair & seamless exchange of plastic credit certificates.

An inclusive digital platform

Born out of an idea to foster a digital evolution for a cleaner tomorrow, EcoEx is an industry-first electronic marketplace that is creating a sustainable digital ecosystem for the stakeholders of the plastic waste management value chain to undertake secure & mutually beneficial plastic credit certificate transactions from anywhere, anytime.

Safe & simple procurement of Plastic Credit Certificate

Plastic Credit Certificate is a bonafide document that authenticates a PIBO’s conformity with the recycling standards set under the Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 (updated 2018).

EcoEx will facilitate a seamless transfer of such credits between recyclers/processors & PIBOs.

For Buyers

Securing plastic credit certificates has never been so easy & secure.

For Sellers

Experience the benefits of selling plastic credit certificates through our platform.

The EcoEx Edge

Experience a multitude of benefits while trading plastic credit certificates on our platform.

Pool of Recyclers

We ensure that the brands get access to a vast pool of recyclers/co-processors PAN India for the fulfillment of EPR

Transparent Transactions

Our platform facilitates a one-on-one digital interaction between PIBOs and recyclers/processors, thereby effectively eliminating middlemen costs.


All trading auctions happen online, thereby enabling members to participate from any part of the country and undertake simple, smart, and safe transactions.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

All transactions happen in an online environment, powered by NEML, equipped with best-in-class safety protocols, after thorough verification & registration of all parties involved.

Dedicated Support

Our competent support team will always ensure that the interest of each member is fulfilled. From registration to the final transaction, you’ll always find a helping hand.

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