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Top 8 Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste?

Plastics have become an inextricable component of our everyday life. While plastics are undeniably convenient, efficient, and make all of our lives a little simpler, they have resulted in significant worldwide plastic pollution for which the world has no definite remedy. Because of its pervasiveness, giving it up may be tough; it necessitates not just a change in behaviour, but also a shift in mentality. Plastic is problematic because it is non-biodegradable and therefore lasts much longer (for example, up to 1000 years) than other types of trash.

Fortunately, organisations and governments all across the world are proposing policies to limit their environmental impact. However, there are things that every one of us can do to help stop plastic from spreading.

Here are methods to cut down on your plastic consumption.

  1. Avoid single-use plastics: Our lives are made simpler by plastic straws, plates, and cutlery, yet they have a significant environmental effect. If feasible, use metal, bamboo or use biodegradable plastics.
  2. Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags when you go shopping.
  3. Purchase in large quantities: Disposable containers abound (polystyrene trays, PET bottles, tetra packs, plastic containers, and so on), but more and more retailers are also providing bulk purchases of grains and rice.
  4. Reconsider your food storage options: Rather than using plastic baggies, wrap, or storage containers, consider utilising a bento box or tiffin.
  5. Microplastic-containing cosmetics should be avoided.
  6. Avoid using disposable rubbish bags by composting food waste.
  7. If you do use plastics, make sure to recycle them properly and in compliance with your local recycling regulations.
  8. Use a water bottle that can be refilled.

Plastic Waste Facts

  1. In 2020 we generated over 500 million tons of plastic waste, which is 900% higher than in 1980.
  2. Single-use plastics have a 12- to 15-minute functional life and can take up to 500 years to degrade.
  3. Every year, 500 billion plastic bottles are manufactured throughout the world.
  4. Ocean plastics will most certainly outnumber fish by 2050.
  5. More than 150 million tonnes of plastic waste have been found in the ocean.


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