CPCB Registrations

CPCB mandates all the producers Producing Plastic, Importers importing Plastic & Brand owners using Plastic need to register in CPCB Portal

There are two types of membership :

  1. PIBO's
  2. PWP's (Plastic Waste Processors) i.e. Recyclers & co-processors.


Fill in the basic details of the company & upload required documents.


Fill in detail data of plastic or plastic packaging material used in your products as per your sales figures for last 2 Financial years.

  • Fill in vendor wise detail data procured for last 2 years.
  • Make online payment; as per the fees slab provided in the portal.


Clarify, (if any) queries from CPCB & submit details.

As an EPR company , we are committed to recycling plastic and keeping it out of landfills. We partner with local municipalities and businesses to collect used plastic that would otherwise be thrown away. This plastic is then recycled and made into new products. By recycling plastic, we are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and conserve resources.
EPR plastic is used in packaging for a variety of products, from food to electronics. It produces different types of products.
EcoEx offers the best Plastic EPR services.

What is plastic-epr credit certification & why it is necessary?

Equitable,Transparent & direct exchange of Plastic Credit
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