Electronic Recording - EcoEx

Electronic Recording

  • You acknowledge and consent to the taping or any form of electronic recording, retention, monitoring and use by EcoEx (and its employees, representatives, affiliates and agents) of all communication, electronic or otherwise, between you and EcoEx or its representatives or agents and information, and of data that you input during your use of the Services, including without limitation, all bids/orders placed by you to purchase or sell a commodity, all activities related thereto and all selections and uses of calculators and other tools included therein.
  • You further agree that such recordings and EcoEx ‘s records of any bids/orders, instructions and communications given or made by you or EcoEx by electronic mail, fax or other electronic means shall be admissible as evidence and shall be final and binding evidence of the same. If EcoEx so chooses to record the bids/orders, instructions and communications, it shall be free to store the same for such period as it may deem fit and EcoEx may overwrite, erase or destroy such records at such intervals as it may deem fit.
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