Jurisdiction - EcoEx


  • EcoEx and you declare and agree that the transactions executed on the EcoEx are subject to Terms and Conditions applicable to any particular trade or subject to which any commodity has been offered for trading and in absence or non-existence of the same, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions and Circulars issued by EcoEx thereunder and all parties to such trade shall have submitted to the jurisdiction of such court as may be specified in such applicable terms and conditions for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions contained herein under.
  • This Agreement shall at all times take effect as having been made, entered into and to be performed in the city of Delhi and the parties shall be deemed to have submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts/appropriate forums of/at Delhi with respect to all disputes between you and EcoEx which does arise or form part of the Terms and Conditions subject to which any commodity has been offered for trading. However, in matters or disputes arising out of any particular trade conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions specified for that trade, such dispute shall be resolved as per the dispute resolution process as put in place in those terms and conditions and the jurisdiction of the courts shall be the proper civil courts having jurisdiction to entertain such disputes.
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