Risk Disclosure - EcoEx

Risk Disclosure

  • You confirm that you understand the risk disclosures associated with an electronic market place, and have read and understood all additional disclosures made by EcoEx from time to time, that contain important information on trading and dealing with EcoEx and are aware of the contents contained therein.
  • The risks involved in trading in various instruments on EcoEx, and as set out in detail in the above risk disclosure formulated by EcoEx inter alia include, risk of high and low volatility, risk reducing orders, risk of new announcements, risk of rumours, systems risks and system/network congestion.
  • You confirm that you are aware of all the rights available to you under the extant laws, rules, regulations and General Terms and Conditions of EcoEx and of all your obligations thereunder and hereunder.
  • If you have any concerns with respect to the above you may contact our office.
  • You must know and appreciate that commodities traded on EcoEx, which have varying element of risk, is generally not an appropriate avenue for someone of limited resources/limited investment and/or trading experience and low risk tolerance. You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in the light of your financial condition. In case you trade on EcoEx and suffer adverse consequences or loss, you shall be solely responsible for the same and EcoEx or its affiliates or any of its employees/ directors/ officers/ advisors/ representatives shall not be responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for the same and it will not be open for you to take a plea that no adequate disclosure regarding the risks involved was made.
  • You shall be solely responsible for the consequences and no contract can be rescinded on that account. You must acknowledge and accept that there can be no guarantee of profits or no exception from losses while executing orders for purchase and/or sale of a security or derivative being traded on the an electronic trading platform.
  • In the light of the risks involved in and the other significant aspects of trading, you should undertake transactions only if you understand the nature of the contractual relationship into which you are entering and the extent of your exposure to risk.
  • In light of the foregoing, you declare that:

    • You shall be wholly responsible for all your trading decisions and trades;
    • You have read and understood the risks involved in trading on EcoEx market;
    • The failure to understand the risk involved shall not render a contract as void or voidable and you shall be and shall continue to be responsible for all the risks and consequences for entering into trades in the segments in which you choose to trade;
    • all monies, fees, charges or other property which may be required to open and/or to maintain your account shall be held subject to a general lien for the discharge of your obligations to EcoEx;
    • you are liable to pay applicable initial margins/security deposits, withholding margins/security deposits, special margins/security deposits or such other margins/security deposits as are considered necessary by EcoEx or as per the Terms and Conditions applicable for any particular trade.
    • payment of margins/security deposits by you does not necessarily imply complete satisfaction of all dues. In spite of consistently having paid margins/security deposits, you may, on the closing of your trade, be obliged to pay (or entitled to receive) such further sums as EcoEx may require;
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