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Your Representations And Warranties

  • You hereby represent and warrant that you are of the age of majority and are legally capable of entering and executing this Agreement.
  • You hereby further represent and warrant that, in conjunction with your on-line trading account and any other account(s) that you maintain with EcoEx at any time, that you will utilize said account(s) solely for lawful purposes and will remain aware of, and fully comply with, all applicable laws, rules and/or regulations governing the use of said account(s) including, but not limited to, laws, rules and/or regulations relating to information technology, taxation and reporting or filing requirements.
  • You agree that EcoEx cannot advise or counsel you as to the existence or applicability of any particular law, rule and/or regulation and that you are solely responsible for remaining aware of, and complying with, all such laws, rules and/or regulations. If you are a Registered Client you hereby represent and warrant that all the information provided by you during the registration process is accurate and complete. In case where the client is a non-resident Indian, you additionally agree to abide by the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and rules and regulations issued and amendments carried out thereunder from time to time and other applicable laws and any law, regulation or rule in your jurisdiction, including but not limited to tax, foreign exchange and capital control and for reporting or filing requirements that may apply as a result of your country of citizenship, domicile, residence or tax-paying status.
  • You acknowledge that you are fully aware of and understand the risks associated with availing of Services for routing orders over the Site/System including the risk of misuse and unauthorised use of your Username and Password by a third party and the risk of a person hacking into your account on the Site/System. You agree that you shall be fully liable and responsible for any and all unauthorised use and misuse of any of your Username and Password and also for any and all acts done by any person through the System on your User Identification in any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to a third party placing a request or order on your behalf over the Site/System. You are aware that EcoEx is agreeable to offer the Services over the Site/System only if EcoEx is not required to bear and only if you agree to bear, the risk responsibility and liability of such misuse or unauthorised use.
  • You agree that you shall immediately notify EcoEx in writing with full details if:

    • you discover or suspect unauthorized access through your Username and Password or account,
    • you notice discrepancies that might be attributable to unauthorized access, iii. you forget your Password,or
    • you discover a security flaw in the Site or System.
  • You shall immediately log off from the Site and System at any time that you finish accessing it.
  • You hereby agree that you may not be allowed to do transactions through the System with respect to certain Commodities/segments as may be notified by EcoEx from time to time.
  • You further agree that you may not be allowed to transact through the System with respect to certain commodities or bids/orders/requests below and above certain amounts, or for any other reasons as may be notified by EcoEx from time to time.
  • You further agree that you will not initiate, promote or participate in any unfair, unlawful or manipulative market practices.
  • The use and storage of any information including, without limitation, the Username and Password, profile,portfolio information, transaction activity, account transactions and any other information on your personal Electronic Device is at your own risk and you shall take sole responsibility for the security of such information.
  • You are aware that you have the option of not availing of the Services. However being fully aware of all risks, you desire the convenience of such Services, including but not limited to transmitting bids/orders and instructions over the Site/System and have therefore opted for such Services of your own free choice and are willing and agreeable to bear all associated risks, responsibility and liability.
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